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Basic Steps on how to write interpretation in SPSS

  • In our previous posts, we have discussed methods and processes in conducting statistical procedures like ANOVA, MANOVA, multicollinearity tests, and more. We are glad that you’ve understand the schemes, but it is only part of the whole. After testing and getting results, writing the spss analysis and interpretation follows.

    Creating a research study doesn’t hiatus after getting the result. It should be interpreted, written, and plotted in tabular and analysis way.

    This post discusses how to write interpretation in SPSS. You can also check  manova spss output interpretation or multicollinearity test spss if you need.

    how to write interpretation


    Accuracy On Spss Interpretation

    Plotting down your research reports require accuracy. The result may provide complex and numbers of tables and it always necessitates precision on the report and interpretation. The output report does not require all, but only a few and small portion of the numbers or figures within the tables.

    By doing so, understanding the output tables, important areas to ponder, and writing the format is imperative.

    Analysing The Spss Output

    The spss results provide varieties of tables and identifying which are useful or not is necessary. Tables that are relevant to your study have numbers and figures that need interpretation and meaning. You should understand each data.

    Spss Output Data Charts And Graphs

    Results are not only written and reported, but also illustrated through graphs and charts. Labelling and formatting the charts is time consuming, but SPSS may help in minimizing the time and effort.

    Writing the SPSS Interpretation

    Writing an interpretation in statistics is harder than writing a plain research paper. This requires talent of translating the statistical terms into understandable language that complements your audiences. The interpretation must be delivered in a plainly way. Afterwards, provide statistical evidences to support the plainly statement.

    Through that, the interpretation minimizes jargon while readers understand the relationship between values. When using complicated inferential processes, simplify and explain. Write in details and cite resources to upkeep your stand.

    Accuracy in the SPSS interpretation is a need. If you can’t provide accuracy, do not use it. Always double-check results on SPSS as it only allows fast calculations, but inaccurate results. Interpreting SPSS results is done if you only understand it.

    Statistics of SPSS Output

    Inferential statistics are hoax and doesn’t prove anything. Instead, consider statistics as an evidence and proof that supports your study. Aside from a supporting role, use it as primary evidence.

    Framing your statistics is important as focal point to your scientific study whereas in politics, it supports a policy or stance.

    Writing an interpretation in SPSS depends on your target audiences.

    SPSS for report presentation and presentation

    The SPSS output viewer is used as a reporting writing tool and presentation. Using charts and table is also helpful. Remember below guidelines in presenting your SPSS reports.

    • Hide technical sections from the view, instead of deleting it. Through this, the table’s original version is saved and kept.

    • Add text frames and titles since SPSS has editing features. Features may be limited. Like adding bulleted lists, but may also be useful.

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