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Best Service for SPSS Business Analytics

Among the various uses for SPSS business analytics often comes out on top. There’s no more effective way to analyze raw data and come up with ways to boost business performance. The power of statistics allows you to enhance your company’s activities and even work out what might happen in the near future within your segment of the market. Get in touch with an expert statistician and make sure your business profits with our spss help.

All About SPSS

Before you jump into the deep end, you’ll need to consider what is SPSS and why you should use it to boost your company’s bottom line. Developed by IBM, SPSS is best described by the individual words of its own acronym: Statistical Package for the Social Sciences.

If you’re wondering what is SPSS doing in the business sector at all if it’s supposed to be used for social sciences research, you should consider the following point before you dismiss it. Human beings and thus your clients are inherently social animals, so it makes sense that gaining an understanding of the data obtained from their behavior will help you to drive your products and services more specifically at these clients.

In other words, of all the different tools used in business intelligence SPSS will provide you with the best quantitative method of improving your company’s performance. By using the most effective analytical equations in business intelligence SPSS will enable you to access your target market like never before.

Using SPSS for Business

Although it’s most frequently used in the social sciences, you can also use SPSS for business. It might not be obvious at first, but when you consider how much SPSS is capable of in terms of data mining, data processing and data analysis, it’s easy to see how these functionalities can be directed at business objectives.

What’s really exciting for business prognostics is the deal that was struck between SPSS and Business Objects. Now that it has combined forces with SPSS Business Objects has covered its last remaining weakness. The univariate analysis of variance SPSS combination means that both programs have become significantly more powerful.

  • You can use SPSS to take a proactive approach towards working out the risks involved when running your business. When you close these gaps using a systematic method as demonstrated by SPSS, you can maximize your company’s performance. By calculating which risks are acceptable and which are not, your business will operate at the highest level of efficient performance possible.
  • SPSS can be used to analyze both historical and real-time, allowing you to change your company’s policies in line with what the latest data analysis prescribes. Using this kind of software will allow you to detect patterns of behavior that you wouldn’t be able to notice without any kind of deep analysis.
  • Predictive data analysis like that undertaken by the automatic processes within SPSS allow you to increase your return on investment as well as to avoid problems associated with particular operating behaviors. Statistical analysis lets you work out which approaches have been subjected to an increased chance of failure and which are more likely to succeed. When you are given actionable insights that have been created as a result of detailed analysis of your data, you’ll know exactly what your next step should be.

spss business analytics stats

Some Statistics Worth Considering

When it comes to IBM SPSS statistics aren’t in short supply at all. If you are yet to be convinced that this method of performing business intelligence tasks is not the most effective, consider the statistics below. After all, numbers can’t help but tell the truth.

  • The Irish telecommunications provider Eircom started using SPSS in 2008 for the purpose of understanding customer experiences. They found that SPSS processed their data in an automatic fashion that was 75% quicker than their previous methods. This is perhaps the most impressive of all the IBM SPSS statistics outlined here as it really shows just how much some companies, and thus how much many of your rivals are making the most of statistical analysis.
  • In the same case study, Eircom demonstrated that it was able to prevent an extra 6% of customers from leaving their service for a competitor. This doesn’t sound like a huge number, but when you consider that telecommunications companies typically have many thousands of customers, this becomes a rather significant figure.
  • The Corona Direct insurance company was able to cut right down on their costs, leading to a greater level of profitability and an overall better experience for their clients. Campaign costs were reduced by 30% and the total cost of investment in SPSS and associated experts was paid back within the first six months.
  • The Daimler Group of automobile manufacturers was able to use SPSS to look at their productivity levels for individual vehicle components. In particular, they were able to see how to make sure that as many cylinder heads as possible were manufactured in a flawless manner. This led to their Stuttgart-based factory becoming 25% more efficient in terms of its productivity.
  • The Thames Water utility company used SPSS and associated predictive models to understand the relationship between flooding and incidents of pollution. The financial benefits associated with such predictions has led to an equivalent of nearly $5 million being saved in fines from the government. In absolute terms, 120 pollution incidents have been prevented over the last 24 months alone.

When you use SPSS business analytics becomes almost second-nature. With our expert-run statistical services, your business will grow from strength to strength as you identify new ways of doing things. Consider hiring an expert to help you get to grips with all of the capabilities and features of SPSS. Make sure you know everything about running SPSS business analytics before you make any decision for your company.

Get in touch with our professional statisticians and your company will thank you for it.

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