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Starting Writing An Interpretation Report Based On SPSS Results

The SPSS help produces a lot of tables which is dependent on the type of ANOVA analysis that is done. These tables have unique meanings that are very useful in different fields such as education, research, surveys, products studies and many others.

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Interpreting these results from SPSS help may be very difficult especially for people with little or no background about SPSS help. That is why it is important that people should find SPSS help that will guide them on how to use the program, how to interpret the outputs produced and how to write an interpretation based on these SPSS results.

This article will focus mainly on how to start writing your interpretation report based on SPSS results. It will include report with the t-test and report with the f-test.

Writing Report in T-Test Using SPSS Help

The first thing that you have to do is to write a statement equating your degrees of freedom to your t-score and significance value. When you use SPSS help to obtain the data, you can find the value for the degrees of freedom in the “df” labelled column. The t-score can then be obtained from the “t” labelled column while the significance value is obtained from the “Sig.” labelled column.

Writing Report in F-Test Using SPSS Help

SPSS interpretation reportStart the statement by equating “F” to the f-score and the significance value. SPSS help produced the values for these located in the ANOVA table. The f-value is located in the “F” labelled column while the significance value is found in the “Sig.” labelled column.

When the p-value obtained is greater than 0.05, this means that there is no significant difference between the group means of the data. There will be no significant result in your report.

The last step in writing your interpretation report is to include your statements in the result section of your paper.

These are some of the steps that you need to follow in order to write your interpretation report using SPSS help. If you want to know more about writing statement reports, you should learn more about SPSS help by reading more information about them.

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