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Since the beginning of writing a thesis, I was planning to do all of the work by myself, but I gathered so much data, that I didn’t know what to do with it and what kind of statistical analysis to perform. On top of that, I am not very good at math and statistics, so I was afraid to make a mistake. This is why I decided to turn for assistance to SPSS Help and glad that I made such decision! I got exactly what I wanted; all calculations were done professionally and with full description of the process. Anyways, thank you very much for your help!

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How to Analyze Ordinal Data in SPSS

  • SPSS6When analyzing an ordinal data in SPSS, you need to know what tests you want to use whether it is Krushal-Wallis, Friedmans Test and more. Since you need to analyze ordinal data, you should not predict about means in your Ho and Ha. You should not report any standard deviations and means in your paper.

    How to Analyze Ordinal Data in SPSS Using Different Tests

    • Krushal-Wallis Test: Go to analyze section, ensure that Krushal-Wallis h box has a check mark. Put the dependent variables in the variable list box. Put also the independent variable in the grouping variable box. Click on define range and the minimum and maximum values.
    • Friedman’s Test: Go to analyze, make sure that Friedman’s box has a check mark. Put the variable to the test variable box.
    • Spearmans’ Correlation Test: Go to analyze, click on Pearson box to turn it off. Click on the Spearman box to turn it on. Choose 1 or 2 tailed significance depending on what hypothesis you have, then put the variables in the box.

    Steps on How to Analyse Ordinal Data in SPSS

    • Ordinal variables are ranked and one of the forms of ordinal variables are Likert Scale responses. The steps of obtaining descriptive statistics for ordinal variables are as follows.
    • Click Analyze, you can choose descriptive statistics and frequencies.
    • Move the ordinal variables that you desire to examine to the Variables Box.
    • Click the statistics button.

    Note: Make sure you always check the statistics when you change the variables because SPSS will not do it for you.

    how to analyze ordinal data in spssOverall, ordinal data are only available for median and mode. If you want to analyze the data, you need to open the SPSS program, click on the analyze section and more. After that, you can have the results you are looking for. Just makes sure all the entered data is correct so that you have accurate results. You can never analyze your ordinal data when you don’t know what you will do. By following the steps provided, you can be able to know on how you can analyze your ordinal data with the use of SPSS.

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