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Since the beginning of writing a thesis, I was planning to do all of the work by myself, but I gathered so much data, that I didn’t know what to do with it and what kind of statistical analysis to perform. On top of that, I am not very good at math and statistics, so I was afraid to make a mistake. This is why I decided to turn for assistance to SPSS Help and glad that I made such decision! I got exactly what I wanted; all calculations were done professionally and with full description of the process. Anyways, thank you very much for your help!

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How to Do a Paired T Test in SPSS

  • spss7A paired t-test is being used in testing an observed difference of 2 means if its significally significant. In running a t-test, there are conditions needed to be met:  the data must have a normal distribution, the data should have large set and no outliners. If any of the conditions has not been met, a nonparametric test is what should be used.

    Steps On How To Do A Paired T Test In SPSS

    • Open the SPSS program, click the analyze menu
    • Go to compare means
    • Click paired t-test
    • A dialog box of paired t-test will appear
    • Select pretest and posttest variables on the left side of the box
    • Click transfer arrow button in order to move the paired variables box
    • Click OK.

    Closer Look On How To perform A Paired T Test

    • Enter the values for areas A and values for the area B to another variable. Ensure that the pairings are correct.
    • Select analyze, click on the compare means and choose paired samples t-test.
    • Select area A and the area B.
    • Click on the arrow button to enter them as paired variables.
    • Click options button.
    • Enter the confidence level if needed.
    • Click continue for the options to be closed.
    • Click OK.

    how to do a paired t test in spssRegardless, you need to use the output information in answering certain questions such as the hypotheses, significance level,critical values, regional regions and use the output information in drawing your conclusion.  You can now state in words your conclusion based on the output information

    Finally, using SPSS seems to be a great way in getting accurate results and details about your data. It helps you to pair your data automatically and without doing it manually. The time you rely with SPSS, it helps you a lot. It makes your task easier and no need to invest much time. If you know on how to perform the SPSS using paired t-test you don’t need to worry about the results of your data. You get instant answers from the system by entering needed details.

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