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How to Enter Data in SPSS

  • spssSPSS sets the data in spreadsheet-like manner. The principle in entering the data is entering unique case on new rows. The purpose on how to enter data in SPSS in putting one person’s data in one row only. If you have entered more than two rows in one person’s data, you made a mistake.

    How to Enter Data in SPSS

    • Open the SPSS program (there will be a message asking you what you will do with SPSS): If you want to specify names of variables, double click on any column head and will take you to Variable View. The first column is Name and the next columns are Width, Decimals and Labels.
    • Choose Type in data.
    • Press OK.

    Steps to Do after Collecting Data

    • Step One:  After collecting the data, you need to put a number on the top of each packet data. It will serve as your subject numbers. Before you begin to put data in SPSS, you need to think how you want to put the data in order to be organized.
    • Step Two: In this step, you will name the variables. It is easy to use variable labels to correspond to questionnaire item numbers. When you got the labels, you can now begin entering your data.
    • Step Three: After you enter your SPSS data, this is the time to clean it. This involves checking for errors. One person needs to check for the data in questionnaire and one-person need to check the computer screen to see is all data entered is correct.

    How to Input Data in SPSS

    Inputting a data in SPSS is not easy because there are many things to do but when you know the steps on how to input data, you will never have a hard time. Just be sure to open the program, click on the Variable View, choose the data and enter the data, then press OK.

    In conclusion, when you are having a hard time in entering data in SPSS, you don’t need to worry because there are steps you can follow. Begin to enter your data now in SPSS!

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