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How to Run a MANOVA in SPSS

  • spss9MANOVA is an extension of ANOVA which interactions and main effects are assessed based on a linear combination of DVs. It tests if you can find any statistically dominant mean group differences with the combination of DVs. If you want to use SPSS with MANOVA, you should know how to run it. Here are helpful steps on how to do a MANOVA in SPSS.

    Steps On How To Run A Manova In SPSS

    • Go to Analyze, click on General Linear Model and choose Multivariate.
    • A multivariate dialog box will appear. In the dependent variables, you can choose many DVs and put them in the box. In the fixed factor, put your predictor.
    • Click options button and proceed ( the options button is similar on univariate analyses).
    • Click continue and go back to the main dialog box.
    • Click model button and proceed.
    • Go back to the main dialog back and click OK to run the analysis.

    Note: The output you have 2 segments wherein the first part gives you an overview about the results of multivariate tests. The second part gives you univariate tests about the effects of each DVs.

    Steps On How To Calculate Analysis Of Variance

    For one way variance:

    • Enter the data
    • Define the variables
    • Select the one-way Anova at command list
    • Run the analysis in SPSS
    • View and interpret the output in words
    • Click post-hoc tests in order to help you means differ.

    For two way variance:

    • Enter the data
    • Define your variables
    • Click analyze, go to general linear model and hit univariate
    • Click OK.

    There you go the steps on how to run the MANOVA in SPSS and how to calculate analysis of variance. With the steps, you will never go wrong and you never have a hard time on what you will do. It helps you to know the data you need and able to calculate it. All you need to do is to interpret the results and you are finished.  Follow the steps to know what the right steps on how to run the MANOVA in SPSS are.

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