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How to Run a Regression in SPSS

  • SPSS11Regression involves fitting of dependent variables. If you find it hard to run regression in SPSS, you need to have a guide to follow. You are lucky because this page will you give systematically on running regression in the SPSS. It will be your one stop solution to get results and an output to help you with your research.

    Steps on How to Run a Regression in SPSS

    • Open the SPSS program
    • Click the analyze menu
    • Hit the regression
    • Click on the curve estimation and the curve estimation dialog box will appear
    • Transfer weight variable on the dependent variables box and the other information at the independent variable box
    • Uncheck the plot models box
    • Choose display ANOVA table check box
    • Deselect linear box
    • Choose cubic check box under the models
    • Click OK.

    Steps on How to Do a Regression in SPSS for Multiple Regression

    • Click analyze, go to regression and choose linear in the main menu
    • You’ll be presented with a linear regression dialog box
    • Transfer dependent variable in dependent box. Transfer independent variables in independent box
    • Click statistics button and linear regression statistics dialog box will appear
    • In regression coefficients area, leave estimates ticked same with model fit at the top right hand side corner
    • Select confidence intervals from regression coefficients are
    • Leave the % at 95
    • Select descriptive and the following screen will appear
    • Click continue button and you’ll be returned in Linear Regression box
    • Click OK and the output will be generated.

    The time you are finished in having SPSS, you need to matter how it works. Keep in mind that SPSS works in statistical as long as you know what you will do. It helps you to generate results for your research so that you no longer need to compute for the results manually.

    Lastly, if you do not want to struggle thinking what you need to do about your regression problem, better to use it with SPSS. Try it now and take advantage by using SPSS!

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