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Since the beginning of writing a thesis, I was planning to do all of the work by myself, but I gathered so much data, that I didn’t know what to do with it and what kind of statistical analysis to perform. On top of that, I am not very good at math and statistics, so I was afraid to make a mistake. This is why I decided to turn for assistance to SPSS Help and glad that I made such decision! I got exactly what I wanted; all calculations were done professionally and with full description of the process. Anyways, thank you very much for your help!

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How to Run ANOVA in SPSS

  • spss8The process of running  ANOVA in SPSS in easy and offers convenient. It helps people to instantly get the result they need. If you want to run a one way or two way ANOVA in SPSS, here are helpful steps that you need to do.

    Steps on How to Run ANOVA in SPSS: One Way ANOVA

    These 8 steps will help you to analyze your data and show you the results.

    • Click analyze > compare means> one way ANOVA
    • A new screen will appear
    • Transfer dependent variables to the depend list and transfer the independent variable to the Factor box with the use of appropriate buttons
    • Click Posthoc button and check Tukey
    • Click continue button
    • Click options button, click on the descriptive checkbox in statistics area
    • Click continue button
    • Click OK.

    Steps on How to Run an Anova in SPSS

    • Click analyze, click general linear model  and choose univariate
    • A new dialog box will appear
    • Transfer the dependent variables to the dependent variable box. Transfer independent variables to the fixed factor box
    • Click plots button and you will be present to the UnivariateL Profile Plots
    • Transfer the first independent variable to the factor box in a horizontal axis box. Transfer the other independent variable to the separate lines box
    • You will be presented to another screen
    • Click add button. You will see that your first independent variable is added on the plots box
    • Click continue button and you will be returned to the Univariate dialog box
    • Click Posthoc button and you see Univariate: Post Hoc Multiple Comparisons for Observed means box
    • Transfer the first independent variable from factors box to Posthoc tests. You will be given a choice what posthoc test you want to use in Univariate
    • Click continue to return to the dialog
    • Click options button and Univariate Options dialog box appear
    • Transfer the independent variable from factors box and factor interactions to display means
    • Click continue button to return
    • Click OK to see the output.

    There you go the two ways on how to run an ANOVA in SPSS. Whether you want to run a one way or two way ANOVA, all you need to do is to follow the steps provided.

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