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Thank you for the good work! It has met all the criteria and my expectations. I will recommend your website to my friends who need help with SPSS. Thank you for the quick service too! It is very much appreciated.

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Professional Help With SPSS

Professional Help with SPSS – Where It Began

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) was born on the campus of Stanford University and grew to maturity at the National Opinion Research Center of the University of Chicago.  Its original intent was as a statistical “numbers cruncher” for social scientists, but once the User’s Manual was published by McGraw Hill in 1970 to offer professional help with SPSS to any potential user who could put up the cash to buy the manual, the software took off as an independent product.

Professional Help with SPSS Today

In later years a for- profit company was formed to market and maintain the product and today SPSS is owned by IBM.  It is a robust program used by literally anyone with data to analyze.  Even small business owners have important data to analyze.  For solutions they often reject an internal statistical analysis operation in favor of outside professional help.  SPSS provides solutions.

There Are Downsides to This Help – SPSS Is Costly and Complex

As a commercial software program SPSS is an expensive investment for any organization, especially when you factor in training time and dedicated personnel.  Even in educational settings, professors and students who may benefit from using SPSS may have neither the time nor the inclination to master the complexities of the program.

That’s where companies like ours can step in to fill the need for statistical analysis help SPSS alone cannot deliver.   We have the latest updates and an international pool of experienced statisticians and researchers to provide affordable professional help with SPSS.

Five years ago our company came into being to meet the need to provide professional help with SPSS to the thousands of potential users who, for whatever reason, could not purchase the full program and analyze their own data.  Prior to the availability of this kind of help, SPSS seemed out of the question to a user who stood to benefit from only one or two aspects of the program.

As an example, most businesses regardless of size could benefit from the forecasting and marketing analysis capabilities of SPSS but may have little, if any, use for correlation testing and chi-square analysis.

Our prices are affordable enough for students to get professional help with SPSS calculations and analysis they need for preparing high quality academic papers of all types from law to medicine to business to the hard sciences and the social sciences.

Looking for help with spss? Then you’re right where you need to be!

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