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SAS or SPSS? What Statistic Language Is Right for You?

  • Do you need help in SAS and SPSS comparison? Do you know something about spss services? An applied research is about finding the solution for immediate problems. It is launched by an agency, individual or company to address a certain problem. Learn more about this topic by reading below.

    sas and spss comparison

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    SAS versus SPSS: Facts about SAS and SPSS

    It is essential to know the difference of SPSS SAS so that you will know where to use it. Knowing their differences give you ideas on which are better to use in statistical analysis and programming language.

    SAS Facts

    • Current version: 9.4, July 2013
    • History: The creator is Jim Goodnight as well as Jim Barr. The SAS started because of the need for computerized statistics program in analyzing vast amounts of the agricultural data. Also, the SAS Institute was founded in the year 1976 and it has 13,733 employees. In the year 2013, SAS invested about 25% of revenue in the R&D.

    Stages of Applied Research with Methods:

    Selection of a problem: The problem should be unambiguously defined. You need to verify the validity and objectivity of the background facts.

    • Feasible to study
    • Current urgency and interest
    • Accessibility and availability of information
    • Enhance the phenomena understanding

    Genuine Interests of a Researcher

    What are the general interests of a researcher? See below for an idea of what you need to know about this profession.

    • Review of the literature: It is essential to review the 2 types of literature such as the empirical literature and conceptual literature.
    • Formulation of hypothesis: You need to state clearly the working hypothesis.
    • Research design: You need to prepare a conceptual structure in your research.
    • Analysis of data: In here, you need to compare 2 or more groups.

    Statistical Programming SPSS Facts

    • Current version of SPSS Stata: 22.0, August 2013
    • History: The creators are Norman H. Nie, Hadial Hull and Dale Bent. It was released in the year 1968. The fact is that in the year 1976, SPSS jeopardized the Chicago University status as a tax exempt organization. In addition, the SPSS was acquired by IBM in the year 2009 and in the year 1993, SPSS was taken public on NASDAQ exchange.

    Situation to Better Used SAS and SPSS: SAS and SPSS Comparison

    • SAS is almost 1.75 times expensive in cost for single installation compared to SPSS. SAS is better than SPSS in terms of time series analysis. On the other hand, SPSS can make the huge number in terms of time series analysis compared to SAS.
    • SAS is tougher to learn than the interface of SPSS.
    • SAS is better to use as computer programming language.
    • SPPS should be used for non-batched and logical batched statistical analysis.
    • SAS is better to use on Linux, mainframe computers and Microsoft Windows.

    In applied research, you need to know about the best methods so that you can do them correctly. When it comes to SAS and SPSS, you need to be aware of what program is better to use for a certain programming or project. You may also find some SAS and SPSS infographics good for the purpose.

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