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Statistical analysis performed by SPSS Help is of superior quality and it was delivered to me right on time. I really appreciated your assistance. Thank you very much.

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Regression, Logistic Regression, Multiple Regression Services

SPSS Help Provides Information About Regression Analysis

One of the statistical calculations that students or researchers might need to perform is regression analysis. It is a type of statistical analysis, which is used to find out more about the relationship between a few independent or predictor variables and a dependent variable. One of the practical applications of regression analysis is in real estate for real estate agent to record for each listing the size of the house, number of bedrooms, average income in the neighborhood as well as a subjective rating of a particular house. Upon compiling such information, real estate agent will be able to find out whether and how these measures relate to the price for a certain house.

Multiple regression procedures are very common for social and natural sciences as they allow researchers to ask and answer the general question like “What is the best predictor for…” Thus, psychologists can determine which personality variables predict social adjustment; educational researchers can find best predictors of success in high-school; sociologists can find out which of the multiple social indicators predict whether an immigrant group will adapt to the new society or not, etc.

SPSS Help Is Ready To Assist With Regression Analysis

SPSS Help is certain that regression analysis is a very useful and powerful tool, but not all researchers and students know how to use it to their benefit. If you are one of them and you need some regression calculations to be performed, please, feel free to contact SPSS Help service and we will provide you with necessary assistance. Our statisticians know everything about logistic and multiple regression analysis and we have the latest SPSS software that will help us to perform all necessary manipulations, so place your order and you will receive reliable results in no time.

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