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Variance Analysis Service

T-test, ANOVA, ANCOVA, General Liner Model, Repeated measure design services.

SPSS Help Tells About Analysis Of Variance

variance analysis serviceAnalysis of variance is a very powerful tool that can help researchers, businessmen, marketing specialists and students to test their hypotheses and come to certain conclusions. So, why did they call it variance analysis? At first it might sound odd, but analysis of variance is derived from the fact that one needs to compare variances in order to test for statistical significance between means. There are many types of variance analyses like ANOVA, MANOVA, ANCOVA, t-test, General Linear Model, Repeated Measure Design, contrast effects, assumptions, post-hoc comparisons, etc.

SPSS Help Tells About The Purpose of Variance Analysis

So, what is the purpose for analyzing variance? – It allows researchers to test for significant differences between means. If researchers are comparing two means, then simple t-test can be used, but if there are more than two means, ANOVA will produce more reliable results. ANCOVA is one other test which analyzes covariance, which can also be very helpful to students and researchers; however, these and other types of variance analysis tests are quite challenging to perform if you don’t know theory behind them and general statistical knowledge.

SPSS Help Can Provide Assistance With Variance Analysis

If you need some variance analysis to get done with your statistical data and at the same time you don’t possess sufficient statistical analysis skills, then you will need professional assistance. SPSS Help is a service that will gladly help you with variance and many other types of statistical analyses. Our statisticians are in the business of performing SPSS related assistance for more than five years and during that time gained all necessary skills and knowledge to provide superior assistance with statistical calculations. Turn to SPSS Help and you will get professional assistance at reasonable rates, so place your order and you will not be disappointed.

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