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Use Our Help for SPSS APA Format Table Creation

When you’re using SPSS APA format table production may not seem to be a very intuitive process. It’s true that there are all kinds of rules associated with the APA layout, but it’s simple enough to create tables in this format when you know how. Follow our expert advice and make sure you’re getting the most out of manova SPSS.

The Rules of Table Formatting in APA Style

There are several important rules to do with formatting your tables in the official APA style. With a few tweaks, you can make SPSS create your tables in this way automatically, but it would be a good idea to first go over what the APA style is all about. Only then will you understand why the steps taken to force SPSS to format APA tables are performed in the way that they are.

  • Each table you produce needs to be placed on a separate page after the list of references. This should be right at the end of your manuscript.
  • The publisher of your research paper may have already set some guidelines with regard to font size and type, but if not, then the APA standard is Times New Roman at size 12.
  • The size of your table dictates how large the margins should be, but as a rule, you can expect to have to make them at least 1 inch (2.54 cm).
  • The one place where the APA rules allow you a bit of leeway is when you’re setting out your line spacing. You can choose between single spacing and one-and-a-half spacing.
  • If you’ve resorted to the use of any abbreviations within your table, you’ll need to elaborate upon what they stand for by using a table note at the bottom of the relevant table. The same is true if there’s any other information there that’s not immediately understood by any reader.

How to Write SPSS Results in APA Format

File formatting in SPSS seems impossible before you’re taught how to do it and if you can’t understand how to write SPSS results in APA format, then it doesn’t matter how good your article writing style is. Poorly formatted tables will only help your research to fall flat on its face.
Putting SPSS tables in APA format can actually be done in an automated process if you know how to alter your program settings to accommodate this requirement. You can almost perfectly create SPSS tables in APA format without lifting a finger when you know which settings to enable. You’ll have about 10% of the work to do compared to manual ways of file reshaping to fit APA standards. Follow the steps below and make SPSS output in APA format.

  • We can go right into the settings and change everything so that it becomes automatic. Right-click on your table and select the Edit Content item, which will then open up into a drop-down menu. Select the In Viewer option.
  • Right-click again now that your table is being displayed in a special editing mode. Click on the TableLooks option. You’ll open a dialog box with lots of different file options to choose from.
  • Pick the CompactAcademicTimesRoman file and click the Edit Look button in the bottom right region of the dialog box. This opens a new Table Properties dialog box.
  • Select the Cell Formats tab, where you can change a range of different properties. Use the Area drop-down menu to change each of the text elements one by one. For each, choose font size 12 and left alignment. For the title in particular, change it from bold to italics and choose font size 12.
  • Select the Borders tab, where you will change three specific attributes. Choose Top Inner Frame and choose the single thin line in the Style drop-down menu. Repeat this for the Bottom Inner Frame and Data Area Top. Click Apply and then OK to complete this part of the transformation.
  • Back at the previous dialog box, click Save As and name it something appropriate like “APA Table Settings” and don’t forget to save it in the Looks folder.
  • Finally, go to the Edit toolbar and select the Options item. Pick Pivot Tables and select the APA Table Settings you just saved. Make sure you choose Shrink Width to Fit Page on the lower right of this screen, click Apply and then OK. All future tables will be in APA format.

spss apa format table guide

Reasons to Use APA Style

When you’ve finished your SPSS analysis report writing must conform to the accepted APA standards. Whether or not you think this is a good idea, you’ll have to learn to generate SPSS output in APA format. Although it’s impossible to deny the importance of your SPSS analysis report writing is also a key part of the research and publication process. You have to follow the rules for your work to be taken seriously.

The whole purpose of using APA formatting is to allow your reader to know what to expect whenever they open a research paper in the social sciences. Tables can involve all kinds of different features and it can be hard to get to grips with the information provided if it’s given in a format that is unfamiliar. Standardization is a very important part of any information sharing process.

Formatting your tables in the right way as prescribed by APA lets you share your data in a simple and straightforward manner. Tables are an efficient way of displaying lots of different data points and they’re particularly useful when you want to show off some of the statistics you’ve calculated. Naturally, when your reader can see a range of different statistical calculations for various experimental conditions, they can quickly understand the results of your research. In the best case scenario, they’ll barely even need to read your description of the results, although they will still read through this vital part of your text.

When you’re new to SPSS data sets psychology APA format table settings can be difficult to set up. Ask an expert who knows exactly what they’re doing and you’ll be certain that all your research will be published in your preferred academic journals.

Of all the ways you can use SPSS APA format table settings are among the hardest to learn. Hire an expert for all your academic publishing needs.

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